SO PROUD – Leo Baker’s animation get’s an Oscar!

My good and long time friend went to Los Angles last week, after being nominated for an Oscar on the short film “The Lost Thing”.

And they WON! Best animated short film!

I just couldn’t believe it yesterday when I heard the news, I can’t explain how excited I was, and how Leo would have felt at the Oscars!

Here is the video from the night, I personally think they ALL should have got up and have their 3 minutes of fame in front of the whole world!.

You really can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!  I’ve always thought that nothing can beat perseverance.

It would be great if they go more publicity back here in Australia!

More info about the lost thing can be found here:

Leos website can be found here:

Good on you mate, keep up the amazing work!


  1. That’s awesome Andrew…totally happy for your mate and I can see how proud you are of his accomplishment

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