Photo For Freedom

Photo For Freedom is an inspirational and  amazing project created by my very good friend and amazing photographer Tom Goldner. The projects aim is to raise public awareness of child slavery and raise funds to contribute to anti-trafficking work. Get down to have a look at some stunning award winning images by Tom and support the cause by buying a print, a book or simply making a donation, I certainly will!  All proceeds raised will go directly to the communities affected.

Once again GREAT project! We’re all very proud of you Tom!

Gallery:                                                    YGAP (Y Generation Against Poverty)
Gallery Address:                                  12-14 Grey St, St Kilda
Exhibition Name:                                Photo For Freedom
Exhibition Opening Hours:              Wednesday – Sunday 12PM-7PM
Exhibition Opening Date:                 3rd February – 16th February 2012
Entry:                                                     FREE – Open to general public

For more information visit

Photo For Freedom

Photo For Freedom - An Inspirational Project by Tom Goldner













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