Trash the dress Melbourne

Trash the dress or Cherish the dress Photography Melbourne

Love Your Dress? Want to Wear it again?

Understandably, so many brides are not keen to ruin the most expensive dress they’ve ever bought.  So at Noble Photography we’re not all about “trashing or trash the dress shoots ” but more about creating beautiful images in locations you may not have had the time for on your wedding day.

Its about having fun without the sometimes stresses or time restraints you may face on your wedding day.

It’s a chance to have fashionistic images, visit different locations, play around with props and have FUN!  All whilst keeping your dress clean & dry.

For those who are a little more adventurous and want to try something a little different, wear your dress again after your big day, on the beach, underwater, in a rain forest, or in the rain! while ridding horses, or in a location that are not always your most typical wedding locations.

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