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Busy Times – Lucky I LOVE what I do! Photography

What a Busy week!

Weddings, Portraits, Commercial Photography, Meetings and Album Designs.  Lucky ‘I LOVE WHAT I DO!’

Thinking back to the excitement of booking a wedding in early days in my career, never did I dream that now I would have weeks like this one just gone.  I’ve photographed five days in a row with many happy couples and clients and three weddings in a row (Saturday-Monday)!

Lucky I love my job because it’s weeks like these where being a photographer can be quite challenging when it comes to trying to get the important work and family life balance.

So here I sit at my laptop, in the kitchen of my home, having just returned from today’s  Monday lunchtime wedding.   Hayley and the kids are still out so I’m trying to make the most of  the peace and quiet and to have work sorted so I can spend some time with them when they return.  It’s days like this where my heart breaks – saying goodbye to my kids with my 3 year old Ashton in tears because he hasn’t seen me in a few days and Hayley is having to take him to Chinese playgroup, my normal Monday morning ritual!  I really love this time with my kids.   Most days this week I have left the house whilst the family are in bed and returned home late when they are back in bed!

Its been a week of three Weddings, Engagement Shoots, Album Designs, three First Wedding Interviews, Commercial Photography and Art documentation.

This weekend’s weddings were all Asian weddings and I really enjoyed moving from speaking English, to Cantonese on Saturday, Mandarin Sunday, and Mandarin and Cantonese on Monday.

It was great to meet some new clients and catch up with past clients and photograph their new projects.

It’s great to be busy and as I said I LOVE WHAT I DO!   Just wanted to give everyone a little inside into how my weeks can sometimes be and apologise if I may take a little longer than normal with getting back to you and to explain why sometimes getting appointments is a little tricky.

My existing client base and new clients are important to me.  Please be patient as I play catch up in the next couple of days.

You can always contact Gail, my assistant,  for enquiries on 03 9015 9890

Thank you Hayley, my partner and amazing mother of my children, and my children Ashton and Gracie for being such amazing inquisitive little people who make daddy proud and smile everyday!  I’m working hard for you!  Thank you also to my family and Hayley’s family for their support and my amazing team at Noble Photography.  I couldn’t do it without you!  Andrew

Here are a few images of me with a few of my lovely couples from this week.   Note to self – Wear shirts and suits that noticeably differ in colour and style so when I post images like this from the last few days, I don’t look like I’m wearing the same clothes everyday!  Haha


Hong Kong Wedding Couple

Hong Kong Wedding Couple Come to Australia for their intimate wedding at Montsalvat


Noble Photography Asian Wedding Photographer

Cynthia & Maroco with Andrew Noble @ Quat Quatta


Asian Wedding Photographer from Hong Kong Andrew Noble

Asian Wedding Couple – Will, CiCi and Me


Commercial Photographer Melbourne

Marilyn Monroe at Commercial Photoshoot


Montsalvat Wedding

Infra Red Wedding Photo – Montsalvat Australia


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