Lindenderry Wedding Photography

I had the pleasure of being the photographer at Olivier and Giselle’s wedding, a really cute couple, who got married at the most fantastic location.

Lindenderry is a beautiful winery in Red Hill towards the Mornington Peninsular near Rosebud, it consists of beautiful vineyards, gardens and interiors, along with a fantastic reception room with beautiful vista of the surrounding bushlands.

Their wedding was a garden ceremony out amongst the vineyard with amazing scenery, which was to make spectacular wedding photography.

The couple personalised an amazing display of wedding photos from family and previous generations to which I surprised them with adding a Polaroid image of them just married.

I found the speeches really moving. Ollie’s brothers put together a funny and entertaining AV which had the crowd in hysterics, I certainly learnt a lot about Olivier in those few minutes, from almost being a male model for Armani to “Ollie Dutch Territory”

Thanks for the acknowledgement in the speeches too, and thanks Giselle for braving the locations in your Jimmy Choo’s!

We got some amazing digital photographs, and I can wait to show you the amazing X-pan panorama, and medium format film photographs from the lab.

Congratulations Ollie and Giselle, and thank you for making me part of your special day.

All the CRAZY, FUN Photobooth images can be found by clicking the following link: Melbourne Photobooth

“This really was the best day of my life” Giselle

Lindenderry water colour of garden ceremony

Water colour painted on the morning of the wedding at Lindenderry winery red hill melbourne

Photography on the Mornington Peninsula

Lindenderry Hotel Mornington Peninsula photographer

Lindenderry Vineyard Wedding

Vineyard Garden Wedding

Lindenderry wedding

Lindenderry garden wedding photo

Lindenderry Winery Photography

Photos from Lindenderry Wedding

Wedding Photos Lindenderry

Lindenderry Wedding

Lindenderry photography photographer

Tilt Shift Wedding Photo at Lindenderry


Lindenderry Wedding Photo

Andrew Noble Photographer

Hasselblad Medium format film wedding photographer – Photo by Kate

Collection of old vintage photography

Vintage Wedding Photography

Detail of Vintage wedding photogaphy

Vintage wedding photograph

Polaroid Wedding Photo taken by Andrew Noble on Hasselblad

Hasselblad Polaroid Film Wedding Photo

Panoramic Wedding Photography Melbourne

Melbourne Panoramic Wedding Photo Photographer


  1. Some lovely images here, and it is so nice to see some film still being used professionally in Australia (and used so well, too!). I’ve read that recently, there has been a bit of a swing back to wedding film photography in the US, with some photographers offering this service, but it is great to see someone offering this option in Australia.

    I’m interested to know where you see film fitting into your future activities as a wedding photographer. Do you think there has been change in the level of interest in it recently in Melbourne, or is it about the same? I should add that I ask this, merely as the (Tasmanian-based) owner and user of a range of film equipment myself, (non-professional user only), and not as someone who wants to cut your lunch!

    I could certainly see you putting a Rolleiflex 2.8, or even a Tele Rollei, to very good use, as well as your Hassy equipment. As a Hassy owner myself, I’m aware of their virtues, but I think the Flexes would offer some advantages of their own especially during church services.

    Superb images, and I’ve bookmarked your site.

  2. Kristopher Gerner says:

    Great photos, I really like the Tilt Shift stuff.

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