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It’s so exciting to be shooting a whole wedding on FILM this weekend in the Yarra Valley at the beautiful Stones of the Yarra Valley.

Film Wedding Photographer

My Film Wedding Cameras - The Usual Suspects - Canon EOS 1V - Hasselblad Xpan II and Polaroid Instant Cameras

I met the lovely couple for the first time on Wednesday as they are international clients whom have flown in from Switzerland.  Like myself they have a great interest and passion for film and Polaroid.  I  just love the look of film images, along with the process of shooting film.

I’ve been trained and grew up shooting film.   Technically it’s a harder process but I love drawing on my knowledge to make the shot ‘ right in the camera’ and not relying on photoshop to correct the image in post production.  I love the anticipation of processing the film and seeing shots; as obviously it’s not instant like digital.

Film Wedding Photography

Film Wedding Photography - DSLR without the digital = SLR

I have two hasselblad X-Pan II’s ready, along with 2 Canon Eos 1V film SLR cameras, the usual lenses,  speedlights, and bunch of film all ready to go.  And of course my trusty Polaroid Camera! Looking forward to it.

Film Photographer Melbourne

Wedding Photography Polaroid Camera Vintage

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