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Royce Hotel Wedding Photography with Eastern and Western Traditions.

We started Andrew and Biens Wedding Day with two traditional Chinese Tea Ceremonys.  The first ceremony was at Biens house followed by another Tea Ceremony at Andrews.  Chinese weddings are rich with symbolism, tradition, and rituals. Paying homage to ancestors and traditions is one of the key concepts in Chinese weddings.  I personally (Being half Chinese myself) love seeing the Bride in her traditional Red Gown serving tea to her husband’s family at one moment, and dancing the night away to a d.j. in a another wedding gown at a later time.

As part of a traditional Chinese wedding, our groom Andrew, accompanied by his entourage of loyal friends, was required to pick up our bride Bien from her house and escort her to his home. Before Andrew was granted entrance into Biens house, he had to prove his love for Bien.  Biens bridemaids, friends and family played a series of light hearted games with Andrew, consisting of sampling sweet, sour, spicy and salty liquids he disliked and signing a cute/funny contract.

Bien looked amazing in her traditional yet modern Red gown.  After the first of two Tea ceremonies, Bien and Andrew left her home, with their chosen ‘Good Luck Woman’ Anne.  Anne held an umberella over Biens head symbolising protecting her from evil spirits. The Good Luck Woman traditionally is someone who is blessed with a good marriage and is healthy.  (I photographed Annes wedding previously)

After the second Tea ceremony, more good luck gifts and lovely traditions we proceeded back to the brides house to get changed and ready for the church service which was held at St Dominics in Camberwell.

We had planned to go to multiple locations, but in the end we stayed around the church and gardens because there were so many great photo opportunities there and the family photos took a little longer than planned as there were so many family members present.  Tim and Anne said that they had a solid 2.5 hours of family photos at their ‘Second Asian Wedding in Hong Kong’, Bien and Andrew are also having a second wedding in my birth place- Hong Kong this weekend!!!

The boys really enjoyed playing with my cameras and lens… especially the 200mmf2 my baby and monster, and now they are hooked and would love one too, but getting a $8000 dollar lens past your wife is a little harder when your not taking photos for a living! 🙂

Their reception was at the beautiful Royce Hotel in the Old Rolls Royce Showroom which offers a warm and rich space combining classic décor, chandeliers, large silver framed bevelled mirrors and chocolate leather upholstered doors under its domed ceiling.  We were able to use some of my additional lighting to get more amazing photos.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Andrew and Bien, Funnily enough I saw quite a bit of them leading up to their Wedding.

I photographed them two days before their wedding at a Graduation Ceremony, at our Second Wedding interview where I like to get all the particulars for their special day, their Engagement Shoot and of cournse i had photographed them both as bridal party members in Tim and Annes Wedding, whom were married at The Gables in Malvern earlier.

Thanks guys, Enjoy Hong Kong. Andrew Noble

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