ABIA Awards Night

ABIA Awards Night

A big thanks to all my past brides for nominating me for the ABIA awards and for introducing me to the awards this year.  I hadn’t heard of the awards prior to being nominated and really enjoyed the evening meeting new people in the industry. It was a great evening at Leonda by the yarra, and it was fantastic see so many familiar faces.

I got a score of 99.31% which is apparently really great! But not quite enough to be the overall winner, oh well, something to strive for again next year.

Leonda By The Yarra

Leonda By The Yarra Wedding Venue


  1. No worries Andrew!
    99.3%!! & not a winner! Seems a little steep!
    No doubt you’ll start bringing home these types of awards soon.
    Your work gets better every time I jump on your website for a look!
    Awesome work!

    • Thanks Delia! I’ll see you and H soon!
      BTW both you superstars feature even more on my website now! 🙂

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