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Do You Believe In Fate? Wedding Photography for Olga and Mitch

A meeting by chance…  Olga and Mitch met on the first day of University. Mitch missed an earlier train home from the campus and was forced to catch a later train – the one Olga was catching. When Mitch returned to the platform the next train was delayed, Olga sparked up conversation asking him if he knew anything about it. I guess it was just meant to be…

A very excited Mitch bought an engagement ring with the intention of proposing at a much later date. A day later, bursting with excitement, he couldn’t wait any longer and got down on one knee and proposed to Olga.  Olga says she was in her Pj’s and stressing about an assignment, so as you can imagine it came very unexpectedly.  ‘I cried and then I sat on his bent knee and couldn’t stop hugging him!’ Olga said.  We assume after that not much time was spent on the assignment… haha Too much excitement!

Olga and Mitch were married at Lyrebird falls on a day in December.  It was a beautiful December day because it wasn’t too hot and had just stopped raining so everything was fresh, just right for an outdoor wedding! Lyrebird Falls is a boutique Melbourne Wedding Venue set Set within the lush, evergreen forest of the Dandenong Ranges.  The  Anglican ceremony was followed by Wedding Photography in and amongst the beautiful gardens, followed by the reception.

Olga and Mitch’s favorite moments were the speeches as well as the amount of fun guests had with all the Vodka shots, thanks to the Bride’s side of the family (they’re Belorussian).  Olga and Mitch had a candle lighting ceremony for Olga’s family – grandparents, aunties and uncles – who weren’t able to make it on the day as they live in Belaru.  We love this idea!

When we asked Olga for any advice for our future brides, she replied- ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff, especially on the wedding day. Pace yourself and your emotions on the day, it goes too quick as it is, so relax and enjoy the day with your new husband, family and friends. ‘

This was a very enjoyable Wedding for Noble Photography also.  Thanks for having us be part of your day! We wish you a wonderful life together, full of love, laughs and happiness!

Olga and Mitch on Noble Photography-  Noble Photography were skilled at capturing the right moments, this was their greatest strength, which is the most important thing on your wedding day. They were also efficient at directing the photographic course of the day. We were running late after the ceremony and Noble Photography still managed to capture everything we wanted on our day in a way that didn’t disturb the flow and atmosphere of the night. This atmosphere is alive in their photos!  Thanks for the wonderful feedback guys, please stay in touch!


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