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What an amazing time of the year this is, as the weather warms up, all the plants start to blossom and how fortunate am I to be in Daylesford of all places to be shooting a wedding.

Wedding Photography Daylesford

Beautiful Wedding Photography in Daylesford

We’d already done an engagement session earlier this year, so being relaxed and having fun in front of the camera was second nature to this couple.

Lake House Daylesford

Lake House Daylesford

Ceremony at The Lake House Daylesford

The ceremony was at the Lake House in Daylesford.

Lake House Daylesford Wedding Venue

Wedding Ceremony at Lake House Daylesford


Daylesford Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography around Lake Daylesford



It was a cosy, intimate wedding, with only the most important select few people there, not to mention their gorgeous niece and her little rabbit doll  named “wake skate.” who had a matching outfit to match her gorgeous flowergirl dress.

Lake House Daylesford

Daylesford in Blossom

Lake House Daylesford Wedding Photography by the Lake

Scenic Locations around Lake Daylesford



After the ceremony we did a few photos around the Lake House, and utlizied the beautiful grounds by the Lake with the trees in full bloom. Daylesford is gorgeous around this time of the year and at this time of day the light was just perfect.

Daylesford Wedding Photographer

Tilt Shift Wedding Photography


Wedding Photographer Daylesford

Scenic Wedding Photography Daylesford

Great work guys! Really enjoyed working with you again! See you when your back from your honeymoon!

Daylesford Wedding Photography

Daylesford Forrest Wedding Photography



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