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A Love Story… With A Perfect Proposal!

Lana and Daniel met around 9 years ago at a Cafe owned by Daniel.  Lana was a frequent customer to the cafe’ in fact visiting sometimes 2-3 times a day! If only she knew that one day, Daniel was the one she was going to spend the rest of her life with.

Lana left to live and work overseas and came back for Christmas in 2009 for two weeks. Encouraged by her friend to head out one night to the Champagne Lounge, Lana and Daniel crossed paths once again. “Oh my god, its you! its you!’ they both thought.  They were both reluctant to go out that night, but by some strange cosmic force they crossed paths again.  Lana delayed her return overseas and spent time in Melbourne with Daniel. They have been together ever since!

Daniel proposed to Lana at the top of a mountain at Daniels family Villa in Italy.  With his entire family in on his plan, including his cousins holding a banner above the house. On a big bed sheet, a message written in half Italian and half English with the quetsion ‘Will you marry me?’ the unexpected Lana stared at the banner taking a few minutes to register. She saw a table all set up with champagne and noted Daniel acting weird and then finally realised what all the fuss was about!

“We travelled for 9 months to 50 different cities and he did not propose.  I thought maybe in Paris, Prague on the Bridge, Barcelona, but no!… It was perfect and so unexpected’, refereing to the banner in Italy. -Lana

Lana and Daniel will be married this weekend! I look forward to it, thanks for sharing your story guys! Andrew


Engagement Photographer Melbourne

Engagement Photographer Melbourne



Melbourne Engagement Photographer

Melbourne Engagement Photographer


Engagement Photo

Engagment Photo



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