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Outdoor Family Photo

Outdoor Family Photography Portrait Session | Bec & Sean – Noble Photography

Outdoor Family Photography Session in Melbourne Having gotten off an international flight from Thailand I was off to do a family portrait / engagement session with Bec, Sean and their boy that evening, whom have since been married over the weekend at the Botanical Gardens in melbourne with their reception at beautiful Sails on the bay in Elwood. Our first family portrait session was scheduled to coincide with Bec's hair and makeup trial, but we opted to move the shoot as it was one of those 40+ degree days we had earlier, on the way out to their property it rained very heavily and I thought … [Read more...]

Melbourne Portrait Photography

Melbourne Outdoor Portrait Photography Preview

As the melbourne weather warms up, we are getting very busy once again, here is one of our favourite images from last weeks outdoor engagement photography session, where we included the fur kids too! :) … [Read more...]

outdoor family portaits

Natural outdoor family portrait – Spring Mini Sessions

Apple Orchard Spring Mini Sessions! - Outdoor Family Portraits Its time to announce Noble Photography’s yearly traditional and customer favorite 'Apple Orchard Spring Mini Sessions!' Spring has arrived! Its starting to warm up outside and the sun is shining brightly! We just love this time of year! A very lovely family have opened their private apple orchard to Noble Photography for our popular 'Spring Mini Sessions! For a very limited time the orchard is in full bloom before the buds fade away and leave behind the most delicious apples!  Its a sight to see and the most wonderful … [Read more...]

outdoor family portraits

Outdoor Family Portraits – Autumn

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year for outdoor family portraits, here are some images from a shoot earlier this week incorporating what I personally feel is another very powerful medium, motion picture or video, along with still photography of course. Please let me know you what you think everyone!  Looking back would you have liked this of your children when they were younger? Be sure to check out the portrait video below: Here are some outdoor family portrait still photographs from the shoot: … [Read more...]

Outdoor Family Portraits

Outdoor Kids Portraits

Outdoor Kids Portraits I enjoyed having some time off over a weekend and being able to join my family to help celebrate one of their play group friends 1st birthday! Thought I'd share a couple shots of some of the gorgeous kids, including the cheeky little birthday boy himself Flynn eating his birthday cake, the beautiful big sister Allie and her brother Lucas and the sweetest a newest member to the group Abby. I loved seeing and couldn't help myself but to photograph the kids all playing together and just being kids! Happy birthday Flynn! Thank you to our hosts Anna and Warren … [Read more...]

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1st Birthday Cake Smash Photos

Our Little Gracie... Our beautiful Gracie Rae turned 1 on the weekend.  She continues to amaze us every day, from walking at 10 months to understanding what I say to her in Chinese to her cute little smile that brightens our lives daily!  Daddy and Mummy are so proud of you beautiful girl and we are so happy that your ours! We hope you had a fabulous 1st Birthday and love you very much! Daddy               … [Read more...]

Moving Portrait

Moving Portraits

Moving Portraits from two to three! I photographed Casey and Rays wedding in 2010 and have now had the privilege of photographing the newest member of their family, little Grace! This moving portrait was created to capture the interaction between the family and to document some of the small details that are sometimes forgotten over time.  This will be an ongoing project as I will be following up with Grace’s development from crawling, walking, talking etc.  A fabulous way to look back at a childs life through the stages, all captured on Full HD and on Blu Ray as a cinematic experience for … [Read more...]

Orchard Arthurs Creek

Outdoor Melbourne Family Portraits

Orchard Family Photo Shoot & Engagement Shoot When I first found out that Ben worked in the family apple orchard business, I was intrigued, not only because I LOVE beautiful apples, but I had always wanted to do a great shoot in an orchard with an old shed and machinery, as I did spend a lot of holidays on my grandparents farm. We wanted to time the photoshoot to coincide with the blossoming of the trees and what a better day that last Sunday for it.  What a glorious day to spend in an orchard in its full glory! I even got some amazing moving footage / engagement shoot video, … [Read more...]

Kids Birthday Party Photographer

Melbourne Kids Portraits

Wednesday was a special day for my little boy Ashton who's turning two on Sunday. We had a little party for him with his friends at playgroup! How time flys... I enjoyed watching him play with his little friends and seeing all the new additions to the group with our little Gracie (7 months) being the oldest of all the round two bubbas! Happy birthday for Sunday Little Man- You make me so proud and continue to make me smile everyday! Love Daddy       … [Read more...]

Greensborough Family Portrait

Family Time and Family Photos in Eltham

I can happily say that I’m through the peak season, and getting my life back, well to a certain extent-  Having two children under two.  Having no wedding, I spent last Sunday in the studio seeing clients and designing albums to get myself up to date. My Goal is to have more meals at home, and revill in the chaos of dinner with two small children, be there to support my gorgeous partner Hayley and help with and spend time with my amazing kids before they grow up before my eyes! My little Gracie is rolling around already- where did that time go? So, I am now reducing my after … [Read more...]

Melbourne Portrait Photography

The Power of Photography

Mothers day 2010, it was again during this time that I saw and appreciated the power of photography.  1 Amazing family, 4 Mums, 1 New Mum, 4 Fathers, 7 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren all in one hospital room to support 1 amazingly brave lady in her last hours with us! The majority of family presents this year were photographs capturing better times which set off a bag of mixed of emotions from smiles to tears all of which will be treasured for a lifetime and held close to the heart! R.I.P Jan, we're so proud of you! … [Read more...]